Gastronomy of the island krk

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You can assure yourself of the quality of the well-known Mediterranean cuisine in one of Punat's charming taverns and restaurants. Residents of the island have been raising sheep for centuries and are real masters at making goat cheese with which one usually begins or ends a meal.

The Krk lamb is a famous Croatian specialty. Sheep are held outdoors and feed on various Mediterranean herbs in valleys, which spread throughout the island. It is served grilled or fried in a delicious goulash with homemade pasta called šurlice.
Lamb stew (žvacet) with “šurlice” is a real indigenous delicacy. Rich in flavour and colour, it is made of krk lamb to which aromas of various herbs, vines and vegetables are added in order to enhance the taste. it has exquisite fragrance and taste. šurlice are home-made pasta, made by housewives, which look like macaronis.They are served with lamb stew, shrimps, seafood, mushrooms and cheese. In the past, they were served only on bank holidays. today they are part of the everyday cuisine which is offered.
Let's not forget smoked ham (pršut), served with poga?a (a sort of bread) and few olives. Fresh seafood - Kvarner scampi, fish and shellfish are prepared the old fashioned way, enriched with laurel and rosemary, and Punat's famous olive oil. A delicacy which you have to taste is shrimp stew (buzara od škampi) which unifies the flavour of garlic, olive oil, wine, parsley and tomatoes with juicy Adriatic scampi.
During April, there are the so-called 'Days of wild asparagus' organized by the restaurants. Sweeten up your holidays with a  specific island dessert made of goat cheese,  presnac, and fresh figs, which you can pick in our camp in August on your own or dried figs with rakija (a traditional, home- made brandy).

On the island of Krk, human life-span is often above average. The secret of longevity lies in the "elixir of youth, health and beauty" – in our olive oil. It is an indispensable ingredient of indigenous gastronomic specialties and is one of the best in the world. Excellent wines from Krk or other Croatian wines are served with all the above mentioned dishes, as well as many of local spirits, known as rakija, such as loza  grapes), medica  (honey), travarica (made with herbs) or smokova?a (made of figs).

Enjoy your meal!
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