Camping tourism is in our family more than 30 years. We are very well aware what you expect from us as your host. As in our campsite not crowded with visitors we are able to give our full attention to our guests to fulfill their needs.

Our team will always find enough time for any requirement of our special guests. On our front desk is a place where you can make check-in, complete payments and make checkout. Except this basic actions our front desk is a place where you we can help you with planning your full vacation. We will help you discover best local restaurants where you can get most fresh and tasteful fish and seafood dishes and best beaches which are not that easy to find for a tourist. You can always ask us for an advice when planning excursions or when you need to know about schedule of bus or ferry lines. We can even help you to organize you own private excursion by booking boat taxi and local expert guide.

You can ask us just about anything!


KAMP MASLINIK , obrt za ugostiteljstvo, vl. Zlatko Dokić, Punat, Nikole Tesle 1, OIB:61846675992

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Telefon: +385919466005


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